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University Pre-Health Advisory Committee (UPHAC)

Overview & Application:

The University Pre-Health Advisory Committee (UPHAC) is how EKU formally presents a student as a candidate to a medical, dental, or optometry school.  Interested students must submit an application for an interview with the Committee by December 15, 2017.  If invited, students will meet for a 30-minute interview with several members of the UPHAC during the spring semester (February through May).  The Committee will then provide a letter of evaluation in support of the student's application to a professional program.

Required Materials & Preparation:

Students who are invited to interview with the UPHAC must provide 1) a personal statement; 2) resume that outlines all professional, extracurricular, shadowing, and volunteer experience; 3) a copy of all unofficial transcripts; and 4) a photo for identification purposes.  These materials must be sent to Christina Ruhfel, College of Science Pre-Professional Health Advisor, at, at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the scheduled interview.

Process & Letter Submission:

After each interview, the participating committee members will discuss the student's interview and provide an evaluation of the candidate.  Based on the committee's evaluation, the Chair of the UPHAC then writes a confidential evaluation letter ("Committee Letter") that will eventually be routed directly into the student's respective online professional school application.  When students are completing their applications to professional schools they must list the Chair, Garett Yoder, as the contact for their Commitee Letters.  Students should review the specific instructions for their respective application system to learn more: ACCOMAS, AMCAS, ADSAS, and OptomCAS.


Students are encouraged to follow up with committee members who were present for their interview for feedback on their interview, personal statement, and overall qualifications.  (Note that the pre-professional health advisor is available to provide specific feedback on personal statements prior to the student's two week deadline and/or after the student's interview).

Current UPHAC Members:

Current members of the UPHAC are listed below.  Note that a student CANNOT use both a letter of evaluation from the committee and a letter from an individual committee member in their application.

Garett Yoder, UPHAC Chair, Physics, College of Science

Michelyn Bhandari, Public Health, College of Health Sciences

Martin Brock, Chemistry, College of Science

Suzanne Byrd, Biology, College of Science

Lindsay Calderon, Biology, College of Science

Dan Florell, Psychology, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Studies

Ben Freed, Anthropology, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Studies

Sandy Hunter, Emergency Medical Care, College of Justice and Safety

Laura Newhart, Philosophy, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Studies

Kevin Rahimzadeh, English, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Studies

Tanea Reed, Chemistry, College of Science

Buchang Shi, Chemistry, College of Science

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